Hopeless Drunk


“Wait….whattar we talkin’bout again?”

Visible Information
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Grey
Height: 5’11"
Build: Too Lanky
Distinguishing Features: Always appears tipsy

Known Things

  • Just got here.
  • Moody…or drunk hard to tell



I became an urchin because: I did something that brought terrible shame to me in the eyes of my family that caused me to leave my family to see the world. I look after myself.

A kind older kid taught me the way of the streets but he was lost to the Lord and in my grief I fell in with a new crowd. (Another child, a halfling, has always blamed me for my mentor’s loss) They convinced me to leave with them under shady circumstances to help ease my pain. I was whisked away to a monastery in the feywild that honored the Ki-rin where I have been training ever since.

At one point our monastery was assaulted by an extraplanar threat. I fought in the battle taking only minor injuries.

Just a few days ago a powerful elder faeic being summoned me. Suddenly and without warning they shoved me through a portal back into the material plane near The Rest.

Monastery: High in the branches of an immense tree in the feywild.
Monastic Icon: Ki-rin – Main purpose is watching over and protecting the land in the manner of the ki-rin.
Master: Master was cold and distant. I suspect that the two of us may be related.
I became a monk because: I was overwhelmed with grief after losing someone close to me, and I sought the advice of philosophers to help me cope with my loss.

Life Events:
1: I made an enemy of an adventurer. I am not to blame.
NG Halfling Bard
2: I fought in a battle.
I suffered only minor injuries, and the wounds all healed without leaving scars.
3: I suffered a Tragedy.
I did something that brought terrible shame to me in the eyes of my family.

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