Alexander Fedotov



Clan: Gangrel
Sire: Undocumented
Age: Elder (>200 yrs)
Covenant: Invictus
Title: Priscus
City Status: 4

In public, at a glance, Alder Judex Fedotov looks like a common Russian thug. He has a casual wardrobe, unkempt hair, a rough face that is stubbled and scarred, and a dead-eyed look that suggests he’s seen a few too many human bodies forcefully disassembled.

Upon closer examination, this Elder’s appearance is a little more unsettling. His skin has a deathly white pallor that’s more stark than most Kindred, at times showing an almost blue tint, as one frozen or drowning. His skin is pulled taut, and his eyes are sunken, empty, corpse-like.

Alexander does take his title and Status within the Invictus seriously enough that he will make an effort at a presentable professional image at Kindred functions—when he can be bothered to attend them, which is rare. This is a Kindred who keeps to the fringes, and who mostly minds his own affairs until he is pulled in by the schemes of others.


Officially, the Judex’s job is to resolve disputes over territory and feeding rights between Kindred. Occasionally this duty extends to the resolution of more personal matters, if the conflict is so serious that the dispute is potentially destabilizing to the entire Domain. In this capacity, he’s known to be practical, logical, and impartial—often finding compromises to which each party is willing to acquiesce, however begrudgingly.

Unofficially, the Judex usually only really makes time for such conflict resolution in cases involving truly important Kindred. A pair of neonates with the audacity to vie for his attention will probably end up killing each other in a pit fight for the Elders’ entertainment, or cruelly forced to bind themselves to one another in blood. Needless to say, the Judex’s patience for presumptive neonates is low.

The Harpies Whisper…

“I have heard that he spent the first century of his Requiem acquiring all manner of sway over every type of organized crime in the greater metropolitan area. And that his second century was spent Embracing and cultivating childer with strong ties to law enforcement, in order to shore up both sides of that fence. Don’t believe me? Go on and slander him in Elysium. The rest of us will take bets as to whether you end up a pile of ash in a jail cell or a cinder-block at the bottom of the East River by morning.” – Devon Rothchild

“I’m just gonna say what I heard. Water sports. Yup, the yellow kind. What, you think he’ll disappear me for sayin’ that? Nah, he figures leavin’ me alive’s a worse punishment. Joke’s on him—I’m havin’ a great time.” – Scary Jerry

“I appreciate your discretion. By the way, I never see you wear the suit I bought you. Was it the wrong size?” – Bastian Thoreaux

“I got invited to one of those pit fights, once. Okay, fine, I snuck in. Okay, fine, I hung around outside, watched who went in and who came out. I tell you what, though, those two whelps? Never came out. And I swear some of the Elders looked better fed after.” – Dominique Carrol

Alexander Fedotov

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