Bastian Thoreaux



Clan: Daeva
Sire: Confidential
Age: Elder (>250 yrs)
Covenant: Invictus
Title: Primogen
City Status: 5

Sporting roguish good looks and pretty-boy charm, the Viscount of Soho is a disarming personality indeed. Those who find themselves on the receiving end of Bastian’s attention seldom want it to end—at first. Later, that same attention often becomes Hell.

The frightening thing about Bastian is that it’s almost impossible to tell whether he loves you or hates you. A genuine compliment doesn’t mean as much when his harshest insults sound innocuous to all but those in the know. And his smile is a lot less endearing once you realize that the Kindred and kine he destroys often see the same.

The Viscount almost never voices his displeasure, at least not directly. It is only when your life has become unbearable that you might begin to suspect you’ve offended him.


Bastian has been the Viscount of SoHo for half a century. He is the only Kindred in the five boroughs who has been awarded his own personal Domain by the Prince. When you are in SoHo, Thoreaux is truly the ultimate authority.

Aside from managing his land, Bastian has a limitless need to stave off boredom. To that end, he has sired more childer than the rest of the Council of Primogen combined. He is also the self-appointed “King of the Harpies”—much to the chagrin of the other Primogen, who consider involvement in base rumors and muckraking to be beneath them.

The Harpies Whisper…

“Yes, the Viscount is a fat cat now, but it was not always so. He was brought up during the Revolutionary War, I hear, and he was so poor he could not afford shoes and lived meal to meal by pickpocketing. SoHo would be a better place if he could only recall such humility.” – Devon Rothchild

“Probably won’t surprise you to hear he and the Seneschal used to fuck. Probably also won’t surprise you to hear it went bad. The surprising part is how Bastian became Viscount. The Prince loves to fan the flames of their little hate-party. He gave Bastian SoHo just to spite her. Isn’t that something?” – Dominique Carrol

“If I could swap dicks with one guy, it’d be this guy. Ah, fuck it though—prolly lousy with Syphilis. At least mine’s corkscrewed like a duck’s. Wanna see?” – Scary Jerry

“King of the fuckin’ Harpies, huh. Bluebeard was a king, wasn’t he?” – Elizabeth Tibideaux

Bastian Thoreaux

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