Benjamin MacArthur

Master of Elysium


Clan: Mekhet
Sire: Douglas Hass
Age: Ancilla (>50 yrs)
Covenant: Invictus
Title: Master of Elysium
City Status: 3

With glasses and a stereotypically skinny build, Benjamin MacArthur is every bit the IT professional he appears to be. Beyond that, principally he’s possessed of a calm, glacier-like patience, even in the face of outright hostility of his enemies and the Harpies—a trait which many argue makes him an ideal candidate for his position as Master of Elysium. It pays to keep calm when it’s your job to make sure other people keep calm.

Benjamin is known mainly for his powers of intellect and observation. He is quiet, and rarely weighs in on discussions at Court—but when he does, he has proven himself to be quite skilled in matters of persuasion and debate.


MacArthur was a communications engineer in life, and it is well known that he was given the Embrace because his Sire felt he had become too far out of touch with modern technology. Together the pair has, in the intervening years, worked to bring the telecommunications industry under their thumbs and create one of the most profitable enterprises known to the First Estate. This simple fact has been a tremendous boon to the Status of both Sire and Childe.

Benjamin has only been Master of Elysium for a few short years, however. The previous Master was a prominent Ancilla and on the cusp of a meteoric rise to power—when her Final Death came unexpectedly, the young Mekhet seized the opportunity to take advantage of his waxing Status. Becoming Master of Elysium has cemented him as a prominent figure in the Domain—although some Kindred suspect he may now be in over his head.

The Harpies Whisper…

“Yeah, I know what he’s addicted to. No, I’m not gonna tell you. It’s my job to talk shit about him, not to give you a leg up.” – Dominique Carrol

“As a person, I quite like him, if I’m honest. He is a Kindred of logic and decency. But as the Master of Elysium—let us be plain. Is anyone taking this nerd seriously?” – Devon Rothchild

“There are two types of computer guys: the ones who are really into porn, and the ones who got into being computer guys so they could hide that they’re really into porn. I’m the first kind. This dude’s the second.” – Scary Jerry

“It’s all right. I’m sure you had a very good reason.” – Bastian Thoreaux

Benjamin MacArthur

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