Billy is a greasy slob of a man appearing in his mid-late twenties. He wears faded jeans that look like they’re falling apart, along with whatever edgy t-shirts he scrounges up from the local Hot Topic or bargain bin. He’s typically seen smoking a cigarette—even, or perhaps most often, where it’s illegal to do so—and often seems to walk around as if in a daze, paying little mind to those around him unless they somehow earn his attention.


Those who do earn Billy’s attention seem often to regret it, as Billy can be a tremendously unpleasant creep when the mood strikes him. Rumors abound that he carries strange urns around on his person, and that he’s sometimes fond of giving these urns away as macabre gifts. When angered, he’s been known to ask one very strange and unsettling question: Do you believe in souls?

It’s well-known he is obsessed with Myra Brice for some reason.


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