Scholar & Bulwark


“The most dangerous portion of many a creature is not the poisonous fangs, nor the retractable spines that it can shoot up to sixty yards, nor the ability to explode into an acidic cloud upon death, nor even its gaze that is known to petrify all those not blessed by a certain holy icon in the far Sidran empire. No, the most dangerous part of the creature is its mind. … Yes, I’m certain it’s the mind. … No, that includes the ability to breath out a static shock strong enough to decimat-PLEASE STOP INTERRUPTING. I AM MAKING AN IMPORTANT POINT!”

  • Race: Half-Orc
  • Class: Fighter (1)

Brogar tries very hard to dress appropriately to his station in life – which is to say he finds things that he thinks make him look smarter to put together a odd look. The pants and boots are practical, but then the shirt is entirely too small because it has a half-stitched attempt at… something with wings on it on a shoulder. Was it supposed to be a bird? A dragon? A pixie? They’re really small, and it’s not even done, but it’s there. Just look at how refined! Same goes for those glasses that are entirely too small and also made of actual just plain glass that do nothing.

When it comes time for an actual fight, he seems much better off. Thoughtful chainmail with a practical selections of axes and a shield with a poorly painted dragon on the front. He seems to honestly exude a lot of comfort when he’s there, fully armored, looking ready to do some major dungeon delving, but don’t you mind that. It’s simply the safety.

Otherwise, the man seems to be fighting for dominance of his body and appearance at every end. Hair on head and face is carefully tended, nails regularly cut, and rations taken very sparingly to keep from bulking up more on an already large and tall frame.


Visible Information

  • Eyes: Rust
  • Hair: Carefully tended to and cut, brown, and partially shaved
  • Height: 6’6
  • Build: Very nearly starving in order to keep “muscular” instead of “hulking”
  • Distinguishing Features: Dragon tattoos over both arms and on chest and back, small glasses that are indeed just filled with glass
  • Known Things:
    • Is a Scholar. Pay no attention to the heavy armor, shield, and axe. Those are simply efficient self defense tools.
    • Has an odd habit of asking entirely too much about physical details and takes notes.
    • DRAGONS? Did somebody say dragons? No? … Why is no one talking about dragons? We’re adventurers and field researchers. Surely there will be more dragons than this.


Walpurgis Nicklaus