Candice Moore



Clan: Mekhet
Sire: Undocumented
Age: Elder (>200 yrs)
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
Title: Inquisitor
City Status: 4

At a glance, Candice Moore looks like the haughty, wealthy PTA Mom who takes herself entirely too seriously. Her nose is almost always inclined at a pompous upward angle, and her eyes glance down upon most other Kindred with open disdain. She has an austere, middle-aged look to her—a fundamentalist maternal figure who doesn’t let her children have any fun.

When she speaks, the Inquisitor is all business and does not mince words. And while she is typically civil and controlled, she also seems to see little point in politeness; her talent for acerbic criticism and fault-finding might make her an excellent Harpy, had she the motivation to devote herself to the task.


Since her focus is largely on policing her own Covenant, those outside of the Lancea et Sanctum rarely see Inquisitor Moore. She sees little point in visiting Elysium on most nights, and tends to avoid gatherings, relying upon her somewhat more sociable childe to keep her filled in on city events.

If the Inquisitor does make her way to Elysium, it is usually because there is some issue afoot. In this situation, it is often advisable to give her a wide berth—and to hope that her interest in Court has nothing to do with you.

The Harpies Whisper…

“Don’t you think it’s time we let bygones be bygones, Inquisitor? No? All right, then.” – Bastian Thoreaux

“She arrived in this city a few decades before me, with her monster childe in tow. Honestly, I know little about her. I care even less.” – Devon Rothchild

“Big deal.” – Dominique Carrol

“She’s a cunt. Not like, just a cunt, understand. Like, a massive, throbbing cunt, covered in pustules that leak pus with little fuckin’ lice roaming around in its little wirey hairs, and the cunt’s leaking like, ten different kinds of ancient sperm that all smells cat pissy and shit is smeared here and there within the labia and you can smell the rotten fish smell from fifty meters . That kind of cunt. But worse. Jerry, some help here?” – Elizabeth Tibideaux

“I heard she’s super into anal. Like, she can’t get off at all without it. You think those rosary beads are for praying? Heh.” – Scary Jerry

Candice Moore

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