Devon Rothchild



Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Alder Lord Reginald Fairbanks (Invictus, London)
Age: Ancilla (>75 yrs)
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Title: Representative
City Status: 1

Devon’s appearance belies her age. Unlike many Ancillae, she’s on the cutting edge of fashion, effortlessly matching the punk rebel-chic style of modern youth. It’s not an act, either. Embodying one of the key tenets of her Covenant, Devon keeps up with the times, and she wears it all well.

That said, those who spend more than a little time around her know that there’s more to her than meets the eye. For one thing, despite her punkish, apathetic appearance, she’s exceptionally well-educated and well-spoken. Her English accent might be the last thing a stranger would expect to come out of her mouth: it’s proper and posh, with elocution so precise you can practically hear the Ts being crossed.


Since its inception, the Carthian Movement has been barred from New York City. Over the years, the Prince has exterminated their attempts to worm their way into his Domain like roaches. Carthian defectors from other Covenants; Carthians who tried to sneak in and keep a low profile; Carthians who announced open war; Carthian moles claiming to be “Unaligned”—it didn’t matter.

That changed when Devon Rothchild arrived just a few short months ago. Against all expectation, Devon was acknowledged and permitted to take up residency in the Prince’s city. The Carthians were granted Domain rights over Staten Island just two weeks later, to the shock and horror of the Harpies (and all the Kindred who had havens there).

No one seems to know what changed the Prince’s mind, but all seem to agree that whatever it was came from Devon.

Almost universally despised by the Invictus and its allies, Devon has since roused Staten Island into a powerful bastion for a covenant which had hitherto been completely silent. As such, her fellow Carthians revere her almost to the point of worship.

The Harpies Whisper…

“I heard the Prince made her blow him for acknowledgment, and she gave it so good he had her eat out the Seneschal and all three Primogen too. Then he said if she pleasured all five Prisci, including Giggles, he’d give the Carthians the shittiest borough. And that, sweet childe, is how Staten Island came to be a bigger shithole than anybody could’ve imagined. The End.” – Scary Jerry

“You’re not a Harpy, Margaery. Go suck a dick.” – Elizabeth Tibideaux

“Her Sire’s some hotshot froo-froo in London. I heard when she left the First Estate, the first thing the Vermin made her do to prove herself was kill the poor asshole. Staked him in his sleep and cut off his head. That’s the kind of bitch we’re talking about.” – Dominique Carrol

“Snip snip, little cutie….” – Bastian Thoreaux

Devon Rothchild

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