Dominique Carrol

Unrepetant Bitch


Clan: Nosferatu
Sire: Undocumented
Age: Neonate (< 50 yrs)
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Title: Harpy
City Status: 2

Dominique is a tall, willowy blond whose gender is not immediately obvious. The throat has a lump which is almost an Adam’s apple; the arms are wiry, while the hips are wide; the chest is nearly flat but not quite. Despite the ambiguity, she’s actually quite pretty when she puts in the effort (which is at least occasionally).

Her appearance is potentially attractive, even lovely, but the way she carries herself is deeply unpleasant. Her face is in a perpetual scowl which suggests she’s on a hair trigger. She frequently sits with the worst, most crooked posture possible—sometimes she slouches so low in her chair that her head dips below the back of it, while at other times she perches upon it like a scavenger bird looking for a corpse.

Most unsettling about being around Dom, however, is the constant feeling one has of being judged.


Dom is the sort of Kindred who seems to have all the dirt on everyone—and yet what little is known about her exists mostly as hearsay. For instance, she’s clearly a young, almost brand-new arrival to the city, but no one seems to know just who gave her the Embrace. It’s rumored that the Circle of the Crone is harboring some Nosferatu sorceress away from prying eyes, but these claims have not been substantiated, and most people seem to be afraid to confront the Circle with such speculation.

The Harpies Whisper…

“Oh my.” – Bastian Thoreaux

“I have heard that she was far more classically beautiful in life, but that the Embrace twisted her into a horror beyond imagination. When she could no longer handle it, the Witches told her of a blood ritual through which she could regain her former beauty—by skinning and wearing the face of a virgin boy each month. Just a rumor, of course. But it would certainly explain things, wouldn’t it?” – Devon Rothchild

“I bet her cunt’s shriveled so tight you can’t tell it from that asshole she’s always clenching. Either that or she’s got one of those tiny hermaphrodite dicks. Still…I’d hit it.” – Scary Jerry

“All the bad shit about her’s already on display. What you need me for? Fuck off.” – Elizabeth Tibideaux

Dominique Carrol

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