Douglas Hass



Clan: Mekhet
Sire: Confidential
Age: Elder (>200 yrs)
Covenant: Invictus
Title: Priscus
City Status: 4

The Alder Lord Hass is one of few Kindred in the city to have been Embraced at an advanced age—it’s frequently circulated that he only accepted vampirism because he was on death’s door—but the natural physical endurance of the Requiem has enhanced his condition to an artificial youth. The result is the look of a distinguished older gentleman, what some might call a “silver fox.”

Hass is quiet and soft-spoken in a conversation, though he is by no means shy. Those who find themselves cornered by him at Court will often feel gently and subtly trapped into talking about themselves just a bit more than they’d like. He is generally polite, but his appetite for questions does have a reputation for being excessive.


Hass is a scholar first and foremost. His primary areas of interest are Kindred physiology and history. If one has an interest in obscure bloodlines or extinct Covenants, this is the Kindred to speak to—though whether he’ll be forthcoming about what he knows is another matter entirely.

The Mekhet Priscus mostly keeps to himself, except when something draws his intellectual interest. He does put a modicum of effort into the duties of his post, though. Hass is typically keen to mentor young Mekhet, and to reinforce with them that a spirit of camaraderie is important for the well-being of the Clan.

Of course, when that camaraderie extends to a free and open exchange of information, it’s more clear that his mentorship of his clanmates is seldom considered selfless.

The Harpies Whisper…

“Wanna hear some spooky ass shit? I heard there’s a Kindred living in the city who’s over a thousand years old. Yeah, they call it the Watcher. ‘Cause that’s what it does—watches. Spies on everyone, records all their shit for who fuckin’ knows why, occasionally pounces on somebody no one’ll miss. The kicker? Hass has met this thing. Talked to it. Shit, I heard it might even be his Sire.” – Dominique Carrol

“He is fond of alternate identities and disguises. I have heard that he maintains three or four of them at any one time, and that he often poses as a neonate, or a member of another Covenant, in order to gather information about people. Something to keep in mind when one is thinking of sharing secrets.” – Devon Rothchild

“I would never lie to you, Alder Lord Hass. Surely you can appreciate that the truth on subjects of this kind can sometimes be a matter of perspective?” – Bastian Thoreaux

“A’right, you didn’t hear this from me. Hass is a woman. No, I’m serious! I saw her once. Platinum blond hair, stormy gray eyes that’ll steal your soul away. Best part? She’s got this pair’a thick, muscley, anti-gravity coconut cougar come-get-me gazongas. No lie. Gazongas.” – Scary Jerry

Douglas Hass

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