Eloise Thibault



Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Unknown
Age: Elder (>200 yrs)
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Title: Primogen
City Status: 5

Eloise is, when you get down to it, a rather plain-looking woman: she’s on the thin and the short side of tall, and her straight brown hair frames a somewhat attractive but rather forgettably plain face. But what she lacks in appearance, she tends to compensate for with style and attitude.

The elusive Hierophant is seen outside of the Circle’s Domain in Brooklyn only very rarely. When she does make an appearance, it is usually for some major Kindred-only event to which she shows up in an ostentatious fashion: she favors elaborate, glittering dresses, sparkling jewelry that would be garish if it were less genuinely expensive, and—most often—a live pet snake coiled contentedly around her neck.

Some who know her insist that the Hierophant’s flashy style is inconsistent with her character. Others hasten to point out the error in this thinking with a simple question: if the Hierophant were to grace the streets of Manhattan in plain clothes, would anyone even notice?


Thibault is a native of Paris, France, where it is known she met and became fast friends with Angelique Dupont, the prominent Invictus dignitary. The precise origin of their friendship is not known, but the most common rumor is that these two were thick as thieves in the Parisian Court for many years. It comes as no surprise, then, that Eloise goes missing from New York City for decades at a time, and that when she returns, it is often in the company of the Alder Lady Dupont.

Beyond this, precious little is known of her activities, save that she is the figurehead of the Circle of the Crone in the Rotten Apple. The Kindred of this Covenant seem to revere her and follow her every word, although just how much executive power she has (or exercises) is unclear. The Acolytes do seem to manage themselves much of the time, and are seen following the leadership of their Bard, Lucius Grimm, just as frequently.

The Harpies Whisper…

“Did you like my Christmas gift? I’m sorry—I mean my Yuletide gift. You haven’t gone through the whole jar already, have you?” – Bastian Thoreaux

“Have you ever stopped to wonder why she is always seen in the company of a snake? Besides the obvious metaphorical significance, of course. As a fashion stunt, it is only surprising once. So why keep it up? Perhaps, for reasons only the Witches understand, she does not have a say in the matter.” – Devon Rothchild

“She likes it when you argue with her. Give it a try.” – Elizabeth Tibideaux

“Y’know how crazy chicks are the best in bed? I bet you she’s the craziest bitch of them all. Like, once you’re in the sack I bet she ties you down and whatever, and you’re all, ’that’s it?’ But then like, in turns out the bed is attached to a horse or a giant turtle or some shit that starts runnin’ through the fuckin’ woods? And she’s bouncing on your cock the whole time, and whippin’ your face with, like… a dildo made outta baby bones? Yeah, a dildo out of baby bones. I bet that’s how she gets down.” – Scary Jerry

Eloise Thibault

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