Emmanuelle Molyneux



Clan: Daeva
Sire: Angelique Dupont
Age: Neonate ( < 50 yrs)
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
Title: None
City Status: 1

A curvy, tight-bodied brunette, Emmanuelle is lovely to look at, and she knows it. With her every movement as smooth as silk, and her seduction technique utterly refined, this is a person who has plainly spent nine-tenths of her life honing, perfecting, and maintaining her physical appearance: like an inbred pure-breed dog, she is beautiful, graceful, majestic…and stupid.

She’s charming enough that, if she wants something from you, it may take a while for you to realize just how dumb, selfish, and spoiled this Kindred is. Unlike most vampires in the city, she is known to wield her Disciplines indiscriminately like blunt instruments, feed with a wanton disregard for the safety of her prey or the Masquerade, and generally behave in such a way that shows little to no foresight or logic. She is a creature who is a complete slave to her own whims—a fact which makes her legitimately terrifying to Elder and mortal alike.


Formerly Lady Emmanuelle Molyneux, this neonate enjoyed all the privileges of being the childe of a well-regarded Primogen and dignitary, and the grandchilde of the Prince of a major city. However, her spoiled behavior was so atrocious, and became so reviled so quickly by so many Kindred, that her Sire severed all ties to her; the Invictus followed suit and swiftly gave her the boot, after which she was picked up by the Sanctified.

Since joining the ranks of the Lancea et Sanctum three years ago, no Kindred outside of that Covenant has reported seeing Emmanuelle in public. It’s possible she’s changed—even drastically—during her absence, but most of the Kindred who were acquainted with her prior to her disappearance aren’t counting on it. Most seem to think, if she’s being this quiet, she’s probably got a stake through her heart.

The Harpies Whisper…

“She was a stunning example of just how infrequently I am surprised by my fellow Kindred. I’m sorry, did I say was? Yes, I’m certain she is still alive.” – Bastian Thoreaux

“Who?” – Devon Rothchild

“Be glad you weren’t around while this cunt was making other Kindred bring her food, draining ‘em dry left and right, and demanding that other people clean up the mess. If I ever see that whore again it’ll be too fucking soon. I hope she’s rotting in an unmarked grave.” – Dominique Carrol

“The hottest bitch I wouldn’t fuck. Not unless I’m allowed to tear her head off after. Heh…like a praying mantis.” – Scary Jerry

“One of the top five most satisfying days of my unlife was seeing someone beat the shit out of her. Seriously.” – Elizabeth Tibideaux

Emmanuelle Molyneux

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