Finn Carlyle



Clan: Mekhet
Sire: Candice Moore
Age: Ancilla (>50 yrs)
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
Title: None
City Status: 2

Finn’s appearance is unremarkable in every possible way. He’s totally average in height and build, his overall look is plain and uncontroversial, and he speaks with a tight, controlled voice that is tinged with a very slight English accent. Perhaps the only standout feature is the collar of a Catholic Priest, which he wears to indicate his membership among the Sanctified.

Soft-spoken and reasonable, Father Carlyle rarely gives the Kindred community any cause for concern. Then again, as the saying goes, it’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch…


Like most Sanctified who reach the level of Status Carlyle has reached, he is fanatically devoted to the ideology of Longinus. While many Kindred trick themselves into believing this is an innocuous thing—hey, they’re just priests for vampires, right?—those with practical experience know that it is anything but.

Rumors abound that when it comes to prey, and to vetting candidates for the Embrace (or service to the Sanctified via the Blood Bond), Carlyle is particularly harsh and brutal. Some say that he is responsible for more mortals’ deaths than any other Kindred of his age in the city, and that he is fond of “games” that can only be called sadistic.

The Harpies Whisper…

“If you’re going to play with your food, boyo, at least make it fun for them too. No one likes a spoil-sport, hm?” – Bastian Thoreaux

“I knew him in London. For once, I think it is for the best if I do not say very much more.” – Devon Rothchild

“Do I even gotta say it? Fine, I’ll take one for the team. Little boys.” – Scary Jerry

“You’re scared of that guy? That guy? Heh. C’mon.” – Dominique Carrol

“Rumor has it that he was a ghoul to an insane hag before his Embrace. Makes sense he shoves brats into ovens now.” – Elizabeth Tibideaux

Finn Carlyle

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