Fumi Daugherty



Clan: Gangrel
Age: Neonate ( < 50 yrs)
Covenant: Carthians
Title: Harpy
City Status: 1

Fumi is a tall, athletic, and lanky young woman who seems to look perpetually unkempt. Her dark, wild hair hangs partially in her face or sticks to her clothes, and her shirts are always half-tucked in or not at all. Sharp, black liner makes her already dark eyes even more severe, and her full lips seem to naturally form into a scowl. She could be the poster child for Resting Bitch Face.

Somehow it all seems to work for her though. Fumi has a casual, cavalier air about her, helped along by her choice of grunge attire of leather jackets and torn skinny jeans. It makes for an okay first impression, but it’s her attitude that usually repels people. Maybe that’s how she likes it.

She’s never seen very far from her motorcycle, a black Ducati Monster 1200s with a katana artfully airbrushed along the side.


Fumi drove in from New Jersey, although she seems to have dodged the excruciating accent. Interested in Devon and the newly lifted ban on the Carthians, she seems happy enough to at least stay a good, long while. To her fellow covenant members she is at least, moderately pleasant, and to everyone else, a fountain of snark and unminced words. Actually, not even the Carthians can escape that entirely. Everyone’s faults are fair play.

Maybe Fumi is all talk, but she is, if nothing, an attentive listener that is willing to hear you out and give you her honest advice, or maybe even a bit of useful information. Just be prepared for everything that goes along with it.

The Harpies Whisper…

“Our blessed liege takes interest in the strangest things.” – Bastian Thoreaux

“Talks a tough game from her quaint little hookah palace. But on the rare occasion she grows enough of a pair to come out here, she knows her place. It’s too bad. She was almost interesting.” – Dominique Carrol

“Get this. I just heard this. Out in Jersey, where she’s from, there’s a pack of Lupines got this tradition, where every time there’s a blood moon they have this orgy where they all turn into wolves and fuck each other. And if any one of ’em’s on their period at the time, she gets put on this altar and fuckin’ worshipped while all the other wolves lick up her menstrual blood. I know, right? But you know why they do that? Y’know why they started it? Because this little ‘grel had a habit of sneakin’ into these orgies, because sex with a wolf is the only way she can achieve orgasm. I mean, that’s pretty normal for a ‘grel I think? Anyway one night she sniffed some blood off the vag of one of these wolves and she just couldn’t help herself. Monkey see, monkey do, I guess. Heh. I should write a book.” – Scary Jerry

“Supposedly she was one of those fuckin’ circus people who rides on scooters before Embrace. Y’know – the ones who do handstands while driving upside down in little metal cages? So if you combine that shit with what Jerry just said you get a good idea how Savages are chosen.” — Elizabeth Tibideaux

Fumi Daugherty

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