Clan: Nosferatu
Sire: Unknown
Age: Ancilla (>100 yrs)
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Title: Priscus
City Status: 2

She appears to be a homeless girl around the age of eight. Always barefoot, and dressed in the same white dress that’s so filthy and ragged that it’s little more than tatters, Giggles can typically be found wandering in secluded parks and in dark alleys.

Giggles is fond of dramatic entrances—very often entering a scene with a display of child-like gymnastics or even song and dance. These routines are never cute—they play upon the expectations one has of a child in the same way horror movies do.

Though gifted at playing the part of a child, anyone who converses with Giggles for more than a couple of minutes can plainly see the mature, adult cunning behind her eyes and speech. Sometimes she even drops her act entirely, and in those rare occasions one might find a Kindred with a keen and highly developed intellect. Though she may appear diminutive, and she may play into it, make no mistake: this is a predator who has been stalking the city for over a century.


One of the stranger aspects of Giggles is her apparent gift for prophecy. The girl likes to speak cryptically in verse, and in doing so she frequently provides unusual insights into others’ history or character that she has no apparent way of knowing. These ‘readings,’ often accompanied by baleful proclamations about the target’s future, tend to leave their audience a little shaken.

No one knows who Giggles’ Sire is, nor where she came from. No one even knows her real name.

The Harpies Whisper…

“Ugh. Please.” – Bastian Thoreaux

“Fuck that little shit. She makes us all look bad.” – Dominique Carrol

“You may not believe me, but as a rule I generally do try to see the best in people. Regardless, even I have no desire to associate with this…thing.” – Devon Rothchild

“I taught her how to French kiss. Heh…you’re welcome.” – Scary Jerry

“If you say anything vague enough, you too can pretend to be a psychic able to see the future!” – Elizabeth Tibideaux


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