Gustav Krieger

Prince of New York City


Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Unknown
Age: Elder (>350 yrs.)
Covenant: Invictus
Title: Prince
City Status: 5

At a glance, Gustav appears to be a typical Ventrue. His wardrobe of expensive suits is pristine. His hair and face are carefully and methodically groomed. His posture and demeanor are possessed of an imperious certainty and confidence, and by default he carries himself with a cold, unfeeling sterility.

It’s only when the man opens his mouth that neonates realize their Prince is something else altogether.


It is common knowledge that Gustav has reigned as Prince since the city of New York first had that name; this means he has been ruling the city without interruption for over 350 years. Most Kindred suspect that the English takeover of New Amsterdam was a cornerstone of his rise to power, but precise knowledge of how the Prince came to be in charge consists mostly of hearsay. Few Kindred survive so long without the taint of torpor dreams, and those that do probably know better than to talk about this sort of thing.

What is known is that every so often some Elder or Ancilla gets it into his head that Gustav isn’t fit to be Prince and ought to be replaced. In 300 years of attempts, no one has come close to succeeding. Gustav seems to relish outsmarting, toying with, cornering, and ultimately staging elaborate executions for such conspirators.

Gustav is widely considered to be the most intelligent Kindred in New York. His talent for information-gathering is without equal, and he is known to act upon the information so gathered with terrifying efficiency when he feels like it. And while he is not the most physically imposing of all the city’s vampires, his combat prowess—on the rare occasion it is tested—has not been found wanting. But what truly keeps him in power is his unpredictability. Many Elders seem to support his reign almost purely because they think a different Prince would be a lot less interesting.

The Harpies Whisper…



Gustav Krieger

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