Jason Smith



Clan: Gangrel
Sire: Alexander Fedotov
Age: Ancilla (>100 yrs)
Covenant: Invictus
Title: Reeve
City Status: 3

In terms of raw physical prowess, few can compete with Reeve Smith. Though not the tallest Kindred, standing only just over six feet, he is broad-shouldered and barrel chested, and sports enough scars to make clear that the man has been brawling for a long time indeed. Probably most of his life.

Jason is not a brute, however. He takes pride in his membership in the Invictus, and generally invests the time and energy to look and behave in a professional way. He is known to be one of the saner and more practically-minded Kindred in the city, with a no-nonsense attitude and zero patience for red tape and other assorted bullshit.


The Reeve’s job is to enforce the Prince’s Laws. Most commonly, this means he is tasked with hunting down and bringing to justice those who break the Masquerade, who Embrace without permission, and who are guilty of the Amaranth. He’s very good at his job, and he performs it with an attitude that prioritizes efficiency over all other considerations.

In defending the Domain from outside threats, Reeve Smith has had more contact with other supernatural beings than most other Kindred in the city. He is known to have had more than a few brushes with sorcerers (of whom he seems to have a relatively low opinion), and is one of few Kindred to have encountered werewolves (whom he seems to respect and fear quite a bit) in person and survived.

Those who approach the Reeve with a concern that falls within his purview can often expect to have their issue handled briskly and with admirable speed. Those who waste his time…that’s another story.

The Harpies Whisper…

“I am glad for the work that you do, because I certainly wouldn’t want to do it. Incidentally, how are you on funds?” – Bastian Thoreaux

“I have heard that one of his ghouls is some type of magician. How do the Acolytes feel about that, I wonder?” – Devon Rothchild

“I heard he’s got a werewolf girlfriend? And that they, like…go into the woods and both turn into wolves and just fuck doggy-style for hours, and have like, competitions on which one of ’em’ll pass out first? And all his girlfriend’s buddies hang around, and like, do weird animalistic chants and wave rainsticks around and shit to honor the fertility gods and whatever while they do it? Nah, wait…that might’ve been this porno I fell asleep to once like a year ago. I think it was called, like, Para Dicka Tombah? Shit, I can’t remember…” – Scary Jerry

“Oh, did I hurt your feelings? Yes—I hope you do go and tell the Reeve. I’m sure he’ll take your side. Oh, no! Now I’m all a-quiver in fear!” – Dominique Carrol

“Yeah, you’re a big scary vampire now. Kine aren’t shit, right? ’Til he sends SWAT loaded with dragonfire rounds after your ass…” – Elizabeth Tibideaux

Jason Smith

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