Joshua Ethridge



Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Undocumented
Age: Elder (>200 yrs)
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
Title: Primogen
City Status: 5

The Bishop is of unremarkable appearance. He is a bald man appearing to be in advanced middle age, with no special physical appeal, and is of an unremarkably average height and build. What he lacks in physical size or good looks, however, he more than makes up for in stage presence. This Kindred rarely gets lost in the crowd; he seems to have a knack for situating himself prominently.

What stands out about Bishop Ethridge most, though, is his voice. It’s a powerful, booming thing, a deep baritone that has a tendency to overpower all competition, and to command and captivate the attention of all around him with its firm certainty. Ethridge exercises this gift only rarely, which makes it all the more potent when he does decide to speak. This Lord is perhaps the most gifted orator in the city.


The elusive Bishop of the Lancea et Sanctum does not often bother to socialize with Kindred of other Covenants on a nightly basis. He is, however, a fixture at prominent Kindred events, particularly at Elysium, where he often offers his ear and counsel to Kindred of station who ask for it.

Other Sanctified don’t speak much about their Bishop, and from an outsider’s perspective it does seem as if the Sanctified are more or less given free reign to pursue their various Requiems as they please. Rumors abound, however, that this superficial appearance does not bear out in reality, and that Ethridge is actually quite the tyrant who micro-manages his subordinates’ every spare moment.

The Harpies Whisper…

“I do sympathize—it was not your best night. Perhaps a rematch sometime?” – Bastian Thoreaux

“I have heard that one of the Sanctified in this city was discovered to be a seeker of Golconda. When the Bishop found this out, he’s done nothing but stake her, lock her in a room until she’s starving, and then bring in mortals for her to devour. I suppose, if it’s true, the good Bishop does not look fondly upon Kindred who seek redemption.” – Devon Rothchild

“After Dupont excommunicated her childe for being a shit, this guy picked her up, and no one’s seen hide or hair of her in Elysium since. I heard he’s turning her into a Draugr just so he can keep her muzzled in a closet somewhere—and unleash her on someone at the right time.” – Dominique Carrol

“You ever heard of a vore? Yeah, like when somebody’s fantasy is to get eaten. Not like, drained, I mean eaten. Like, swallowed whole, like somebody’s giant mouth is a big ol’ pussy and it just sucks you right down like a snake eatin’ a mouse. Well, I wasn’t around for this, but I heard from my sources that the Bishop once approached the Dragons asking us if we could, like…do that for him. Heh. ‘Course we can’t. Then again…I mean you know I wouldn’t tell you if we could, right?” – Scary Jerry

Joshua Ethridge

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