Elizabeth Tibideaux



Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Eloise Thibault
Age: Neonate ( < 50 yrs)
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Title: Harpy
City Status: 2

Lizzie (“just Lizzie”) is the sort of person you’d expect to be smoking cloves outside an organic coffee shop and complaining about how Starbucks is just serving the man, man. To a degree, you’d be right. She wears anachronistic clothes she picked up at the Goodwill because she thinks they’re cool; she wears cat-eye glasses because “they’re hot.” Whether this is because she identified with the hipster sect before her Embrace, or an aesthetic she adopted afterward, is hard to say. In any case, for a Lord, she mostly tends to come across as a sullen teenager.

She’s got the mouth of a sailor and is happy to use it in or out of Elysium (where she mainly hangs out). She tends to be seen with her nose stuck into her phone because whatever she’s reading is more intelligent and literate than you are. If you draw her attention enough to make her pull her face away from her screen, you’re likely to get at least one “fuck” thrown your way.


As a born and bred New Yorker, sarcasm is practically in Lizzie’s blood, and her penchant for criticism of others makes sense when you learn that she was a film student and critic in life. As a student, her focus was on horror films, so the Danse Macabre was never a huge stretch for her. She took to this “vampire shit” like a fish takes to water, adapting to the Kindred life and gaining membership in her Covenant rapidly. She professes her distinguished lineage, as the childe of the Hierophant Eloise Thibault, with a casual pride.

The Harpies Whisper…

“Who? Ah, yes. It is good to see that the prestigious legacy of her Sire’s blood is being put to such constructive use. Wouldn’t you agree?” – Bastian Thoreaux

“I think we have a lot in common. It is a shame that she was put through the Embrace, acclimated to a Covenant, and saddled with a full complement of illogical biases before members of the Revolution became permitted in this city. We could have saved her.” – Devon Rothchild

“Yeah, I hate that bitch. Totally sucks. Filthy mouth too. Damn, I’m gettin’ all horny now. Why’d you have to bring her up?” – Scary Jerry

Elizabeth Tibideaux

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