Burn baby, burn


Visible Information
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Dark
Height: 5’7
Skin: Red Brass
Build: Lean
Distinguishing Features:

  • The back of his hands, arms, and shoulders are covered in an increasing amount of copper scales. His skin tone, furthest from these points, is closer to red but becomes more coppery as it approaches them.
  • He has a demonic rune carved into his forehead that glows with a faint green luminosity. Those who speak abyssal or who make an arcana check can learn more about this.

Known Things:

  • He’s become insistent on leaving no survivors where possible; survivors bring back friends at disadvantageous times.
  • Developing a healthy appreciation for alternative paths to power, because power leaves you better equipped for survival
  • Prefers missions that deal in demons or where it is expected that something or someone will have to be killed, rather than puzzles to figure out or social situations to be finessed through.
  • He’s in the tavern less these days, preferring to keep to himself elsewhere.

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