Lucius Grimm



Clan: Daeva
Sire: Rebecca Bernhardt
Age: Ancilla (>50 yrs)
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Title: Priscus
City Status: 3

Beautiful blond hair, soulful blue eyes, a captivating smile, a fairy-tale name… Lucius proudly wears the mantle of City Dreamboat. Of all the male Kindred in the city, this one seems to capture the most hearts the most easily (though Bastian Thoreaux might have something to say about it).

It’s not purely a matter of looks—although the magnetism of Lucius’s appearance cannot be adequately emphasized. The man is an Adonis. But he also presents a friendly, and above all earnest, face: most come away from a first meeting with him left with the impression that this is a man who is genuinely interested in them, their feelings, and what they have to say.

Women and men alike compete for Lucius’s attention on a nightly basis, but somehow he manages to seem above the fray.


In addition to his role as Daeva Priscus—a position which he, unlike most of the other Prisci, seems to rather enjoy—Lucius holds the title of Bard within his Covenant. Most of those outside the Circle don’t have a full understanding of the significance of this title, apart from the fact that Lucius has a well-known love for poetry, stories, and other literature. More practically, though, it seems that on a nightly basis the Bard serves as a sort of face for the Acolytes, in much the same way as the Seneschal serves as a face for the Prince.

Among the Invictus, it is a minor scandal that Rebecca Bernhardt’s childe defected to the Acolytes. And while few Kindred possess the audacity required to dig up exactly what caused the falling out between Sire and Childe in this case, their animosity is plain to see to anyone who happens to get into a room with the two of them simultaneously. With each of these two being such a social powerhouse and eye-magnet, seeing them avoid each other is like watching two planetary bodies in orbit.

The Harpies Whisper…

“Tick tock.” – Bastian Thoreaux

“I heard the Prince hates him, and that the only reason he’s even still alive is that Krieger is still trying to figure out the perfect way to have him killed. Far as I can tell, no one knows why. But you don’t earn wrath like that for nothing.” – Dominique Carrol

“The boy does love his Shakespeare. What’s that line from Macbeth again? Fair is foul, foul is fair?” – Devon Rothchild

“This dude turns down more pussy in a week than I’ve had in my whole life. But I heard he’s got no balls. I mean literally. No, not like a eunuch? Like I heard if you get his pants off, it’s just this bald patch of flat skin there. He wasn’t always that way, I mean he had to have a cock and balls at some point, right, otherwise how would he take a leak? I mean there isn’t even a hole or anything down there. Vampire blood magic, man. I bet the Witches lopped his junk off and made it all smooth so he can prance around in his fuckin’ leotard without an unsightly bulge. Yeah, bet you anything that’s the reason.” – Scary Jerry

“Ask him for fencing lessons so you can stab people! He’s really great about that.” – Elizabeth Tibideaux

Lucius Grimm

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