Orlen Bellbrass

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Race: City Gnome
Class: Rogue (2)

A gnome from the Serin Empire well into his middle years, Orlen is clearly a creature of the city, uncomfortable and wary in the damp, musty jungle. He makes an attempt to look presentable and put together despite limited means with which to do so – but with his hair and beard both scruffy and grown out, and his few sets of clothing stained and tattered by travel, he’s more prone to smile wryly at the state of such things than he is to bemoan them.

He’s a fairly new arrival, and seems, like many, to be newly adjusting to freedom. There’s a sort of jolly mischief that emerges once in a while, a natural disposition muted by age and the hardships of Yura, but his kind smile and plenty patience – and a tendency for bumbling distraction – sometimes lend him a warm and grandfatherly air. More often than not, he’d rather listen than speak, though it’s clear when he does that he’s educated, far from home, and quite new to this life of adventure.



Visible Information

  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Hair: As much grey as black
  • Height: 3"1’
  • Build: Average
  • Distinguishing Features:
    • More spry than he seems, for his age
    • Serin accent
    • Good with his hands
    • Claims to have been a jeweler and watchmaker, but hasn’t been seen at his craft
    • Apparently not great at opening chests


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Orlen Bellbrass

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