Osbert Ruriksson

Faithful of Sidris

  • Race: Dwarf
  • Class: Cleric (Life) 1

Osbert Ruriksson is a short and stocky creature, average by dwarf standards, and with the weathered features of a life among the salt mines of Sidra. Yet despite a rough exterior his kind eyes and gentle smile shine through like a light in the darkness. He wears a cleric’s vestments, but made of rough spun linen rather than the fabulous silks of his peers back home. His hair is a mess of black curls and he forsakes a proper dwarven beard for rough mutton chops which he claims to prefer for eating.

When on the road, or if he expects to encounter danger, he dons a proper suit of chainmail under a tabard bearing the sign of Sidris. His large wooden shield is emblazoned with a sigil of two hands holding up a crystal blazing with light which he says is a family crest. The warhammer he wields in battle is likewise an heirloom and has the same symbol etched onto the head.


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Ht: 4’8"
Distinguishing Features: None
Known Things:

  • Cleric of Sidris
  • Hails from Copiu in the Theocracy
  • Sometimes overly eager to help

Osbert Ruriksson

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