Rajiv Rangarajan

Au Pair


Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Confidential
Age: Ancilla ( > 120 yrs)
Covenant: Invictus
Title: Au Pair
City Status: 3

Rangarajan is a man of Indian descent who appears to be of middle age. Average in height, erring on the side of short, with a pronounced belly and a somewhat chubby-cheeked face, this Ventrue is often dismissed out of hand by shallower Kindred who think he looks like your portly Indian dad.

Despite—or perhaps because of—this, the Au Pair of the Invictus is known for taking himself quite seriously, most notably in that he has an apparent total lack of a sense of humor. His position concerns itself entirely with etiquette, and he seems to believe that jokes and sarcasm are signs of weakness and ill refinement.


The Au Pair’s job is to provide neonates in the Invictus with a basic education in the machinations of Kindred Court. In theory, what this means is that young inductees to the First Estate are guaranteed to possess a modicum of etiquette and grace before they are exposed to the wider world of vampire politics. In practice, the Au Pair’s work typically translates into unpleasant, punishing tutelage which is forced upon neonates who fail the basic sink-or-swim test and threaten to embarrass the Covenant in public.

This reality is not lost on the Harpies, who tend to focus their attention sharply upon any young Kindred who is known to be subjected to this draconian Ancilla’s harsh instruction.

The Harpies Whisper…

“If you are at all skeptical that the First Estate is a corrupt and masturbatory bureaucracy, then the existence of a Kindred whose sole purpose is to teach neonates not to offend their elders ought to suffice as proof. " – Devon Rothchild

“That’s my favorite thing about you, Lord Au Pair. You always seem to know which fruit is poisoned.” – Bastian Thoreaux

“I heard to get his position old Seneschal Fujita tied him up and whipped him on the ass until he could prove he knew how to say ‘please’ in every language. What bothers me about the story is I can’t figure out is whether he was saying ‘please stop’ or ‘please keep going.’” – Scary Jerry

“Little known fact: this guy’s got a twin brother who’s a Haunt. Hideous one, too. You’ll never see him, unless you’ve got a habit of breaking into mausoleums where you don’t belong. The interesting part, though, is that Rajiv went and got himself Embraced ‘cause he was jealous of his brother’s curse. He actually looked at his brother’s fucked-up face and thought, yeah, I wanna be that. I can almost respect that, ’til I look at how bad he fucked it up.” – Dominique Carrol

Rajiv Rangarajan

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