Tyra Germain



Clan: Gangrel
Sire: Jason Smith
Age: Neonate ( < 50 yrs)
Covenant: Invictus
Title: Deputy
City Status: 2

Brisk, no-nonsense, and professional—that’s the vibe Tyra Germain tends to give on a first impression. And it’s not inaccurate. Dressing for comfort and function rather than looks, she’s typically found wearing what a NYPD plainclothes officer could be expected to wear—which is appropriate, because she is a NYPD plainclothes officer.

Tyra takes after her Sire in almost every way. She’s certainly imitated his efficiency and his distaste for red tape. Also like the Reeve, she hates having her time wasted. But where he is rough around the edges, and inclined to dismiss Kindred of lower Status with grunts and growls, the Deputy does tend to be a little softer, or at least a little more diplomatic, when talking to neonates. This may only be because she herself is one, and doesn’t want to hear it from the Harpies if she behaves above her station.


The Reeve’s Deputy has swiftly earned a reputation for straightforwardness, competence, and cunning. Among the city’s neonates, she is among the better respected—which is potentially a surprise, considering she is a Gangrel in the socially cutthroat Invictus.

Following her Sire’s lead, Tyra typically tries to stay above the fray as far as petty grudges are concerned. She keeps her head down, and her nose clean, and she does what she must to help the Reeve with his duties. This reliability has been the cornerstone of her rising Status, rather than any kind of political plays.

The Harpies Whisper…

Meow.” – Bastian Thoreaux

“It is good to see a Kindred who prioritizes the city’s safety over her own political clout, for once. Still…she is far too much of a sycophant for my liking.” – Devon Rothchild

“She’s okay, I guess. Far as Establishment twats go.” – Dominique Carrol

“Heh…she’s got a tail. Just a little nubbin, right above her butthole, like a clipped puppy. Bet she wags it when she’s ridin’ a dick. Don’t stare, man. Wait ’til she turns around! Shit, she noticed us. Great job, moron.” – Scary Jerry

Tyra Germain

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