Character Creation

0. One at a Time.  You may only ever have one PC in Walpurgis at one time. If you already have a character, that character must either die or be retired permanently in order for you to create a new one. 

1. Humans Only.  Whatever their destiny, all characters begin their lives as totally ordinary human beings. Your character will start his or her life in Walpurgis in the same fashion. Supernatural (and partial) templates are only acquired during play. 

2. Request a Sheet.  Before you can begin creating a character, you must inform the Staff. When you do, a blank character sheet will be provided to you. 

If this is your first character in Walpurgis, you will be asked to fill out the Character Creation Survey here before you get your sheet.  

3. Basics. Before you even look at stats, decide Concept, Virtue, Vice, three Aspirations, and five Breaking Points. The sheet itself provides further instructions.

4. Attributes, Skills, and Specialties.  Follow the instructions on the sheet. When deciding your character's traits, consider the entirety of this person's life and try to create a person who is three-dimensional and believable. Characters with min-maxed traits (especially for combat) will not be approved. 

5. Merits. You begin with seven (7) dots in Merits. You must meet all prerequisites for any Merits that you take. 

  • You may only start out with Merits which are listed in the core Chronicles of Darkness book.
  • The following Merits are prohibited: Common Sense; Eye for the Strange; Investigative Aide; Investigative Prodigy; Alternate Identity; Hobbyist Clique; Mystery Cult Initiation; Closed Book; Spin Doctor; Pusher; Professional Training; Table Turner; Takes One to Know One; and True Friend. Additionally, all Supernatural Merits (Telekinesis, Unseen Sense, etc.) are also prohibited at character creation.
  • The following Merits are restricted: Mentor, Retainer, Staff, Status.  These Merits may only be taken if the Storyteller gives you permission beforehand. 
  • The following Merits require you to provide additional information in the Expanded Merits section near the bottom of your sheet: Allies, Contacts, Fame, Fixer, Safe Place. For each of these Merits, you must provide justification for your purchase. In the case of Allies or Contacts, who are these people? If you have a Safe Place, what kind of place is it exactly? etc. 
  • The Staff reserve the right to reject any Merit on any character for any reason. 

6. Derived Traits. Follow the instructions on your sheet. 

7. Equipment. If you want to start with any weapons or gear which could conceivably affect play, list them in the Equipment section. Include desired traits for your equipment if possible. The Staff may ask you to adjust these traits during the approval process. You must have a rating in Resources equal to or higher than the Availability rating for any equipment you take. 

8. Background. Write up a character background in the appropriate section of your sheet. If your character background pleases the Staff, they may award you a Beat. 

9. Submission. When your sheet is finished, PM a Staff member on Discord and send it to them. The Staff will review your sheet and decide if any changes need to be made. When the sheet is satisfactory to the Staff, your character will be approved for play and granted access to one or more appropriate channels. 

Character Creation

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