City Status

Status in the Rotten Apple is not static. It is recommended to check this page occasionally for updates. This is not an exhaustive list of all known Kindred in the city, nor of all Kindred with City Status. This is a list only of Kindred whose Status is widely known. 

Status 5: Elite

Alder Lord Gustav Krieger, Prince of New York City

Alder Lady Rebecca Bernhardt, His Seneschal

The Council of Primogen:

Alder Lord Bastian Thoreaux, Viscount of Soho

Joshua Ethridge, Bishop of the Lancea et Sanctum

Eloise Thibault, Hierophant of the Circle of the Crone


Status 4: Prominent

Alder Judex Alexander Fedotov, Gangrel Priscus

Alder Lord Douglas Hass, Mekhet Priscus

Alder Lady Angelique Dupont, Primogen of Paris, Honored Guest

Candice Moore, Inquisitor of the Lancea et Sanctum


Status 3: Influential

Lady Minfang Fujita, Ventrue Priscus

Lord Jason Smith, Reeve

Lucius Grimm, Daeva Priscus

Alyssa Keyes, Groom

Lord Benjamin MacArthur, Master of Elysium

Lord Rajiv Rangarajan, Au Pair 

Lord Timothy Price, Meister of Finance


Status 2: Respected

Tyra Germain, Deputy to the Reeve

Ahmed Khaleel, Kogaion of the Ordo Dracul

Giggles, Nosferatu Priscus

Eleanor Huang, Herald

Scary Jerry, Hound

Dominique Carrol, Harpy

Elizabeth Tibideaux, Harpy

Finn Carlyle, Priest of the Lancea et Sanctum


Status 1: Acknowledged

Devon Rothchild, Representative of the Carthian Movement

Thomas Soderstrom

Emmanuelle Molyneux

Allison Vogel

Fumi Daugherty

Paul Ford

City Status

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