Discord Guide

Joining the Discord

This part's super easy. Click here.

Joining Channels

Once you're in the Discord, you'll notice that you only have access to out of character channels like #ooc, meta channels like #levelup, and public IC channels like #tavern. Once you have a character approved for play, though, you can right-click your name in the sidebar and you will see this:

The "Change Nickname" option will let you change your display name to match the name of your character. (Go ahead and do that.)  Additionally, mousing over the "Roles" option will reveal another menu:

This gives you access to the full channel list of the private channels. These include the very handy #help channel, as well as any other private channels that may be available. (You'll notice that there's a scroll bar on the right hand side of the panel—there may be more channels than are immediately visible!). To join a channel, all you have to do is click the corresponding checkbox. The channel will then appear in the left sidebar under "Text Channels," and you'll be able to see what's going on. 

Note that all newly-approved players gain access to the #tavern channel by default. But because this channel tends to be the noisiest, the Staff have allowed people who don't want too many Discord notifications to opt out of this channel when they want. Just click or unclick the #tavern box.

Rolling Dice


For a standard dice roll, our dice bot uses the following format:

!r XdY+Z

Where X is the number of dice to be rolled, Y is the number of sides on the die, and Z is the modifier. For clarity's sake, you are free to add a comment to the end of your dice roll, e.g.: !r 1d20+5 # melee attack. 

To add Advantage or Disadvantage to a roll, precede the number X with an A or a D, respectively, e.g. !r a1d20+5 # melee attack with Advantage. 

A Helpful Channel List


#help: Try @Staff to get some help with whatever you need. If you have a question, want to talk to the DM privately, or want your character to take some kind of downtime action away from prying eyes, this is the place to go.

#abilityscores: Roll your ability scores when you create a character. For more information, see Character Creation.

#levelup: Roll your Hit Die when you level up. Also use it to request your new class features, spells, etc. for approval.

#scheduling: Once you've got a party and an adventure selected, check out the DM's available time slots and set a time for your game session.

#tavern: An IC channel for characters to mingle, get to know each other, and plan stuff.

#corkboard: An IC channel where characters can leave written messages for one another, including drawings and maps.

#ledger: An IC channel for the purpose of recording transactions and debts between player-characters.

#rumors: A channel through which you will hear about rumors floating around the town. Once a rumor is posted, that rumor will be given a unique channel associated with it, in which players may talk OOC about the rumor, form a group, schedule, and strategize for the adventure. 

#rumor_discussion: An OOC channel in which players can talk about active rumors, or attempt to plan missions that are not related to the active rumors list.

Discord Guide

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