Discord Guide

Joining the Discord

This part's super easy. Click here.

Joining Channels

Once you're in the Discord, you'll notice that you only have access to out of character channels (#welcome, #announcements, #ooc). Once you have a character approved for play, though, you can right-click your name in the sidebar and you will see this:

The "Change Nickname" option will let you change your display name to match the name of your character. (Go ahead and do that.)  Additionally, mousing over the "Roles" option will reveal another menu:

This gives you access to the full channel list. (You'll notice that there's a scroll bar on the right hand side of the panel—there are more channels than are immediately visible!). To join a channel, all you have to do is click the corresponding checkbox. The channel will then appear in the left sidebar under "Text Channels," and you'll be able to see what's going on. 

Some channels, such as #arabica, correspond to public Locations. These channels are free to join and to post in. Other channels, like #arabicavip and #met, represent locations which are closed to the general public. These channels can be joined, but not posted in unless your character has been given access during the course of play. If you're unable to post in a channel, it means your character can't access that location and you probably shouldn't be there. 

Finally, some channels at the bottom of the list, like #praxis, are general use channels. These channels can represent anywhere you'd like and are intended for private roleplay. They are also used for in-character phone calls. (If you're making an in-character phone call, you must also copy-paste your end of the conversation into the channel corresponding to your physical location.) 

It's against the rules to play in more than one channel simultaneously (phone calls or certain supernatural powers notwithstanding). It's also generally frowned upon to sit idle in channels. For that reason, please uncheck the box to leave the channel when your character leaves the area. If you're found idling, other players who don't want you to see their conversations might remove you from the chat! (You have that power too. Don't abuse it.) 

You might be wondering what's stopping you from, say, joining every channel to look for who is where, and then deciding which channel to join. The answer is, well, nothing. You can go ahead and do that if you want to. An easier way to do it, though, is to right click on someone else's name, mouse over Roles, and take a look at what boxes they have checked. That'll tell you what channels they're in. Either way, just be sure that you leave all the channels that you decide not to play in, and don't join channels that your character doesn't have access to. Again, if you're found idling or snooping (without ooc permission at least), the Staff will remove you even if another player doesn't. 

Rolling Dice


For a standard dice roll, our dice bot uses the following format:

/r Xd10!>=8

Where X is the number of dice to be rolled. The bot will automatically reroll 10s and determine successes for you. If your character does not have the 10-again quality for a particular dice roll, remove the exclamation point.

If your character has the 9-again quality, the command is thus:

/r Xd10!>9>=8 

If it's 8-again, replace the 9 with an 8. 

For clarity's sake, you are free to add a comment to the end of your dice roll, e.g.:  /r 5d10!>=8 # Wits + Empathy. 

To roll initiative, use this command:

/r 1d10+X

where X is your character's Initiative modifier. 

One Last Thing… 

The #help channel is intended for players to have a private audience with the Staff. This should be used to address your character's private dealings, your Experience spends, questions about your character or about a rule, or reporting complaints about other players. Typing @Staff in there is a good way to get our attention if we're around. Feel free to join this channel at any time, but keep in mind it's against the rules to idle in it. 

Discord Guide

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