Q. Can I play a race that is not listed on your Races page but is in the official books?

A. In general, no. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for Patrons subbing at the Something Special tier. 

Q. Can I both be exotic and restricted? A dragonborn from the Euphon, for instance.

A. Exotic races are actually subrace templates for specific existing races. Euphon is a subrace for Elf. Sidra, Serin, and Kimaron are subrace templates mainly for Humans. There are no Euphon Dragonborn. 

Q. I rolled one of my ability scores under 10, but I like everything else. Can I please switch some points around?

A. No. 

Q. Why can't I use my character I've been playing in another game? The rules are the same!

A. I'm sure your character from this other game is awesome, but in the interest of game balance all characters are born and bred here in Walpurgis. We have a unique campaign setting, and a unique party dynamic, and it only holds together if new characters all come in fresh. You're welcome to remake your old character as a Level 1 character who conforms to our character creation system. 

Q. Why can't we use Point-Buy?

A. We prefer random stats, because they result in more interesting and more varied characters. We recognize that random stats are not 100% fair, but it's an unfair world out there. We think the pros outweigh the cons. 

Q. If I choose to make a Warlock do I have to choose one of the listed gods as a patron? If so, do I do so and then choose which of the book patrons mechanically I'd like? Do I also have to worship this god?

A. A Warlock Patron doesn't necessarily have to be one of the things listed on the Gods page, but it does have to be an entity that is plausible in the campaign setting. All of the Warlock Patron options on the Gods page are designed to accommodate the game mechanics of any of the book patrons—so yes, you may choose the Historian as an Archfey, a Fiend, or a Great Old One as you prefer. You do not have to worship, or even like, your Patron. 

Q. What if I want my cleric to worship one god but have a different domain, like Arcana?

A. Feel free to ask the DM, but be prepared for the answer to be no. 

Q. I want to start with (a magic item/full plate/an unbelievable backstory)!

A. Sorry, no. You start with what the Player's Handbook says you start with, and that's it. 

Q. Do I need to write out a backstory, or will the bonds and background on my sheet be enough?

A. Your backstory can be as simple or as complex as you'd like, as long as it matches up with the campaign setting. 

Q. My friend and I want to make characters that are siblings/lovers/established friends from the start!

A. You may ask the DM, but be prepared for the answer to be no. The reason we don't like this sort of thing is that it tends to create exclusionary cliques. It also prevents players from having the opportunity to develop relationships between their characters naturally; often players who do this will find that the way their characters interact when they play doesn't actually match what they agreed to in their backstory anyway. 



Q. Are there house rules?

A. Please see the House Rules and Game Mechanics page for information about this. 

Q. Is multi-classing allowed?

A. Yes. 

Q. Do I have to start at level 1 again if my character dies?

A. Yes. 

Q. Are we restricted to ability score improvements or can we take feats?

A. You may take any Feats which are listed in the Player's Handbook. Supplement Feats may be considered on a case-by-case basis—ask the DM. 

Q. So my background is Folk Hero/similar and says people respect me and I'm famous locally/similar? How would this come up in game? 

A. You'll just have to play to find out. The DM does take these things into account when preparing for adventures when possible.  

Q. Is this game going to be mostly combat and dungeon crawls?

A. Each quest rumor will give you a rough idea of how much combat or dungeon crawling to expect. Some quests will have lots of that; others will have little or none. You're free to go on adventures that suit your preferences. 

Q. Do you allow people to switch gods? What if I'm playing a Paladin or Cleric? What happens with Domains in that case?

A. Yes, this is possible. Talk to the DM. 

Q. Can I use X from Unearthed Arcana or other supplement book?

A. Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to ask. 

I'm not really a charismatic person in real life, can I get by on dice rolls?

A. Charisma Skill rolls generally represent how effective your character is in their delivery—body language, tone, that sort of thing. If you're trying to persuade an NPC of something, you still have to make your case with actual words; the dice roll only comes into play if the effectiveness of your delivery is going to have an impact on how they respond to you. So if you're not comfortable talking to NPCs at all, you should probably avoid playing a character who specializes in that area. 

Q. Will there be a lot of puzzle-solving?

A. That depends on the quest. The rumor for the quest will give you an idea of how much of this sort of thing to expect on any given adventure.  

Q. It seems like another PC cares more about an NPC than they do about working together with me. This is wrong, right? PCs have to work together!

A. While the overall spirit of this campaign is one of collaboration, NPCs are people too. If a PC decides to like or trust an NPC more than another PC in the party, that is a completely valid choice. The characters themselves don't recognize any difference between "PC" and "NPC," after all. 

Q. I signed up for more than one quest, can I do them all?

A. No, you may only commit your character to one quest at a time. 


Q. This setting sounds really grimdark and I want to make a sorceress volleyball champion, is that okay? How seriously should I take my character here?

A. Just because a setting is dark in tone doesn't mean there's no room at all for light-heartedness. At the same time, please try to have some respect for the overall tone of the game. A good-humored, light-hearted, or quirky character is fine; a clown-car fun-house character is not. 

Q. What is the general tech level of this world?

A. The Realm of Yura is medieval. Other countries range roughly from Bronze Age to Industrial Revolution levels of technology. 

Q. Why would anyone ever come to Yura when the Theocracy sounds so amazing?

A. Most travelers to Yura don't arrive by choice; they're abducted by the Lords' servants to serve their inscrutable whims. Others come not because they like the place, but because they actively want to crusade against it—or believe they can make good coin hiring out their swords in that capacity. 


Q. What's the difference between Restricted Races, Races from Below, and Exotic Races?

A. Restricted Races are given that status because they are less common in the campaign setting. Races from Below have the same restriction, but on top of that tend to be evil or otherwise unconventional characters—they therefore need greater attention from the DM in order to blend in. Exotic Races are the DM's own creations, and require even more time investment on the part of the DM to blend in. 

Q. Isn't this all a bit "Pay to Win"?

A. No; it only presents players with more options. None of the races that are behind paywalls are any more powerful than the Unrestricted Races. 

Q: Can I sub to your Patreon for a month, get my Restricted Race character, and then cancel my subscription?

A. Yes, and you get to keep that character for as long as he or she is alive. When that character dies or is retired, your next character will have to be an Unrestricted Race unless you sub again. 


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