Getting Started

Want to play? Cool. Here's how:


1. Acquire books. We use Onyx Path's Chronicles of Darkness and Vampire: The Requiem (2nd ed.).  It will be assumed that you have access to these books and are at least somewhat familiar with the rules within. It's fine if you don't know everything, though. That's what the Staff is for.

2. Learn our policies. Please read everything listed under the "Game Information" section of our wiki. You should especially read the Server Rules, Modes of Play, and Roleplay Etiquette sections, but it is assumed you will have read all of the wiki pages listed, including the very handy Survival Guide. Whether you have read this stuff will be one of the first things we ask you when we talk to you. 

3. Join our Discord and say hello. We know you might be eager to get started playing, but don't rush it. Get to know the Staff and the players here first. Feel it out. Ask questions—or ask to sit in on a little roleplay if you're curious. We're a friendly group, so don't be shy. 

The Discord Guide will provide you the link to join the server, and will also teach you how to join in-character channels and stuff. 

4. When you're ready, take a deep breath and begin the Character Creation process. 

Getting Started

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