Server Rules

These rules must be read and agreed to before you are allowed to play in Walpurgis. By playing in our game, you tacitly agree to follow all of these rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. The Staff are the ultimate judges of what constitutes a violation, and their decisions are final. 

0. Don't be a dick. This rule trumps all other rules. Harassing other players, posting hateful, pornographic, or otherwise offensive content in OOC chat, excessive rules-lawyering with Staff…there are too many permutations to list, but we all know what "being a dick" means. Don't be a dick. 

1. Strikes. The first time a player breaks a rule, he or she will be warned. If a player has been warned in the past, each violation will receive a strike. On the third strike, the player will be banned. The Staff reserve the right to ban users without strikes or warnings if the case is egregious. 

2. Adult Content. This is a game for adults. You (and your character) must be 18 years or older in order to play. That said, all content posted on the server is restricted to what would be considered acceptable in an R-rated movie. Sexually-suggestive content can be acceptable if it serves a storytelling purpose, but if what you are posting enters porno or snuff film territory, you have gone too far. This is not a sex roleplay server. If that is your primary interest, please look elsewhere. 

3. No Metagaming. Metagaming is when your character's behavior is informed by knowledge that your character does not possess. Using out-of-character information to make in-character decisions, or to gain an advantage, is cheating. Strictly speaking, it is not against the rules to share OOC information with other players—but because it is extremely tempting to metagame once a player has that information, it is generally frowned upon to do so. 

Example: Mary's character murders Dave's character. Dave, now knowing that Mary is a murderer who is not to be trusted, creates a new character who is an investigator, and makes it his business to "find out" that Mary's character is a killer so that he can catch her and see her punished. Dave is metagaming. 

4. Supervision and Consent. Any action taken during open play which would directly affect another player-character—including any attempt to glean information about that character which is not freely offered—may only be performed with informed OOC consent of both players. If one of the people involved does not give consent, then the action may only be performed under direct supervision by Staff. 

Example: John wants to know if Jane's character is lying to him, and decides he'd like to use an Empathy roll to find out. He asks Jane if she wouldn't mind a contested roll of Wits + Empathy vs. Wits + Subterfuge. Jane says she'd rather let the Staff mediate, so in this case no roll is made and Jane does not have to tell John anything she doesn't want to. Later, in a scene monitored by the Staff, John presses Jane again and calls for the contested roll. The Staff allow it, and when John wins, the Staff member informs John that Jane appears to be nervous, but that he can't tell directly whether or not that means she is lying, because the Empathy Skill is not a magical lie detector. Jane was probably right not to allow John to use the skill in that way. 

5. Player vs. Player Combat is permitted (and sometimes encouraged), but only under direct supervision by Staff. If a fight breaks out during a scene, and a Staff member is not available to arbitrate, then the scene must be put on hold until a Staff member becomes available. 

And finally…

6. Brutal Difficulty. The Staff here believe that great stories are best told under adversity, and to that effect, will be setting out to challenge you. Playing in this game will be difficult. I'm not talking about rolling dice, or min-maxing traits—anyone can do that. (Min-maxing is bad. Please stop.) I'm talking about making difficult decisions, about dealing with NPCs who behave like real people, who have their own selfish motivations, and who do not exist to help you. This is an unfair world in which many characters—PC and NPC alike—will have no problems lying to you, using you, or even outright betraying you. 

Think Dark Souls, not Skyrim. Life is cheap in the World of Darkness, and trust is a rare and precious commodity. Death (and Final Death) of player-characters is a common occurrence here. You will not be an exception. 

By creating a character here, you acknowledge that your character's life may be more difficult than you would like; that your character may develop in ways you don't expect; and that your character stands a strong chance of being killed during the course of play. 

Server Rules

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