Welcome to Walpurgis!


This is an Online Roleplaying Game using Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition. 

Legend has it that Yura, in a time long forgotten, was a vast and prosperous Realm ruled by wise Philosopher-Kings. But after being crippled and pushed out by the greater powers that now rule the mainland, Yura has been confined to a hostile and desolate island cordoned off by a tempestuous sea. And its Lords, once kindly, have turned in their desperation to dark powers which have long since corrupted them. 

Now, the Realm is ruled by a network of unassailable tyrants and cruel slavers. Monsters continually flood up from Below, unchecked. And all the while, an insidious force called the Devouring—revered as a god by the Lords—is said to be slowly eating the world. 

Aleister's Rest is one of a few safe havens from the chaos. Dissidents, crusaders from other lands, mercenaries, escaped slaves, and even those from Below—those few fortunates who have escaped the black-iron grip of the Lords and now seek to fight against Them have gathered here, in this ruined town nestled in the heart of a forbidding jungle. The Constable leads the charge to keep us safe, and we have worked to fortify this place, to build it up. We're a small village now, no longer all ruins. We'll defend it. Many have given their lives to do so. And – piece by bloody piece – we'll continue to take this Realm back from the Lords. We are Walpurgis.

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