Welcome to Walpurgis! 

This is an Online Roleplaying Game set in Onyx Path's Chronicles of Darkness. Our main focus is on Vampire: The Requiem (2nd ed.)

Players begin the game as mortals living in a New York City that is corrupt to the core. Government, Transportation, Police, Entertainment, Telecommunications—the Kindred have their fingers in every pie. Their greed for blood and money is rampant and insatiable. Elders pull the strings of everyone, from the proudest Ancillae down to the lowliest blood doll, for the sake of their own petty whims. Covenants use mortals as hapless dupes in their endless battle for dominance—their Danse Macabre. 

Calculated scheming and ruthless backstabbing are the norm in Walpurgis. This is a harsh world in which life is cheap and trust is hard to come by. If you get in over your head, you will be used until you are sucked dry and discarded the moment your relevance expires. You are not special. You are not a hero. In all likelihood, your life will end in blood—sometimes more than once.

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