A teenager more noticeable for her outfits than her actual appearance. She’s got a short crop of brown hair, blue eyes that are a little too far apart, a tiny mouth, and ears that stick out from either side of her head – giving her a mouseish appearance. Her outfits range from modest and layered outfits that are raggedy and well worn to strange extravagant creations involving tutus and turtlenecks covered in cartoon food clipart. She also always wears giant 80s Mom glasses that have a copious amount of masking tape around the nose bridge.

She regularly carries around a backpack in which a raccoon can be seen hanging out of. She calls him “Sriracha” – he’s apparently her pet and very well trained.

Agnes tends to shove her way into conversations with all the finesse of a battering ram to a door that’s off the hinges. She is very literal in her interpretation of idioms and hates, hates being touched.


Agnes is a fortune teller at Catland books and can generally be found roaming anywhere within Brooklyn. Those who talk to her for a long while – or those who have the unfortunate luck to bring up the MTA when talking to her – quickly find that she’s a big believer in conspiracy theories.

Sometimes people call her Lattice.



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