Fiona Barreira

Hot Mess


“There is a kind of euphoria of grief, a degree of madness." – Nigella Lawson


Fiona would die if she went out looking anything less than immaculately put together. During the day, she tends to frequent slacks and blouses, always looking like she’s coming from some trendy office meeting, and at night dressed in some manner of nice or expensive dress. Her make-up tends to be that sort of “natural shine” that takes a good hour to put together. Her hair is a tousled mess of curls and it’s almost always loose around her shoulders.


Fiona’s the youngest daughter of Roland Barreira. Raised in the lap of luxury, there was a period there where her name was all over the tabloids for all the normal things. Drugs, underage drinking, scandals. That was a few years ago, and she seems to have cleaned up her act, getting into NYU and looking to follow in her father’s footsteps as a media magnate. An infectious smile and a tendency to get other people to tell her what they want is serving her well.



Visible Information

  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Height: 5’10"
  • Build: Lean
  • Distinguishing features: Expensive clothes, expensive perfume, frequently smiling
  • Known things:
    • Studying at NYU
    • Recently brought into IntuitionTech, a big name Telecomm company
    • Big name frenemies with her sister, Elizabeth Barreira
    • Frequents Black Star
    • Frequently has problems with fatigue


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Fiona Barreira

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