Gwendolyn "Winny" Hickory

Best Friend


A skinny teenager who looks like she grew too fast and ate too little in the meanwhile. Her legs are long and muscular in the way of a runner’s. She has bushy blonde hair that she regularly wears in pigtails with odd cowlicks of hair on either side of her head that never want to stay down. She’s got big blue eyes that are almost too large for her face. Those who get close may notice that she seems to be especially covered with thin blonde strands of hair – to the point she may have a disorder.

She’s bouncy, cheerful, and wiggly, and it doesn’t seem to matter whether she’s meeting you for just the first time or the millionth time, but she seems to earnestly love you and think you’re the most incredible person in the world.

She carries a small dog with her (it looks more like a puppy – but it seems to be a perma-puppy by the fact it never grows) named Chance who seems to be more a lump of sleepy dog who’s barely ever awake.


Winny is a teenager who just graduated high school. She barely passed her math final. She was so sure that she would fail, in fact, that she didn’t apply for college – which seems to be what she’s doing now. She tells anyone who asks that she wants to be a veterinarian.

She claims that Susan Vassos is her (adopted) mom.


Gwendolyn "Winny" Hickory

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