Fiona Quotes


Pretend someone asked your character: "What do you think about Fi?" Leave your quotes here!

  • "Y'know how like, if you breed purebred dogs too long, they start coming out kind of weird looking? Like unintentionally weird? Don't get me wrong, Fiona's hot, but in that 'features were selected to be pleasant' sort of way. She's your typical high maintenance yuppie, down to the disastrously malfunctioning gaydar. But hey, I'm not gonna complain as long as she steps up on the croptops and backs off on the weird business meeting handshake." — Fumi
  • "Fiona…man. If you'd asked me a week and a half ago, she'd be like – actually let me start over. If you'd asked me a month ago, I'd say she was really cool – calm head on her shoulders, knew how to keep her head high and keep barreling forward.  Strong, powerful lady. Then she got sick or whatever.  And it became kinda – y'know, smart as a whip but sick, trying to get through it but obviously getting overwhelmed by stress. But then after her freak out the other day – like seriously, she got super pissy that Noah texted me? Like, what in the fuck, a text doesn't mean he's calling me his goddess and worshiping me while I fuck him – and was acting like a jealous and paranoid middle schooler  and so since you're asking me NOW, one part of me is like whatever she's sick and stressed and she's lashing out and the other part of me just wants to call her a giant fucking ass-flavored cuntcake who makes me want to root for that dickwaffle MacArthur."  - Sara Jackson


  • "Nice girl, but she's hiding something. Something big, if only I had the time." —James Smith
  • "She wants to help people. She wants to stand up  and get in the way when people come charging the fuck in. I get that shit. So hey – I support that." – Orianna
  • "OH, FI!? She's SUPER duper nice and we talked and we talked about almost about FIVE THOUSAND DIFFERENT SUBJECTS and she and I think a LOT ALIKE and she's gonna try and join the BRIGHTFLAME court and then we'll go and FIGHT THINGS TOGETHER but we won't be mean about it we'll be super nice and it will be really great to have a friend like that with me and stuff because I go with Ripper places but he can get kinda mean when he fights and I don't think Fi will she seems super duper nice!" – Winny
  • "Someone to watch." – Tonya Tinker
  • "Fi once said she wasn't sure what we are, and I think that's fair – we meet, and we talk, and it's good talks, but I'm not sure either of us would necessarily dash out to protect the other. That said, she seems t ohave been through a lot, and that she has been and is still ready to keep fighting says more about her character than I ever will." –  Pepper
  • "I loved her before she was taken, and I loved her even more after. I know she thought it was because I felt guilty. And yes… I still feel unbearably guilty. But that wasn't why I loved her. I loved her because she was loyal, kind, and no matter what you might have thought of her intelligence, she was incredibly clever and intuitive. And most of all because she loved me, when she had every reason not to. Semper fidelis…" – Ink

Fiona Quotes

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